Here I present you the website of my book Creative Heart, which contains more of my poetic works.  Feel free to navigate and enjoy this website.  Welcome!

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Leila A. Fortier

I feel a deep sense of respect and responsibility not to cage or confine the spirit of his creation which thirsts for communion with heavenly altitudes. Offered instead is a glimpse of the author's spiritual body which is obsserved and felt within this book.  It is a testimony of the ability to transcend limitations within this physical and material world.

to dance on the stars
and speak of your four-dimensional grace

Sparkle all the stars around your Moon,
and bite my steps towards your sight

- Excerpts from "Cosmological Constant" 

and secretly transmute my touch
into hundred emotional states.

- Excerpt from "Find Me"

This is the introduction of Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa - not as a man . . . but as a metaphysical composer of this collection of devotional poetry, Creative Heart.

~ Leila A. Fortier
(From the Introduction)